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I just received a price quote for 2 emerald cut diamonds and needed some help deciding.


1. 1.33, F, Good Cut, VS2, Good Sym., Good Polish, 1.46 L/R, 65.8% Depth, 64% table, GIA, $9727.00


2. 1.32, G, Very Good Cut, VS1, Very Good Sym., Good Polish, 1.46 L/R, 67.9% Depth, 61% Table, GIA, $7950.00


From first glance, it seems the biggest difference is the price. I guess my biggest question is, what is more important: the color or clarity. The VS2 - F had visible inclusions under a microscope and listed a cloud and facet on the GIA report. The VS1 - G looked fantastic under the microscope and listed a feather on the GIA report (I couldn't find the feather and the symmetry/cut was textbook). The center will be paired with side stones (emeralds) so I was concerned with the G color possibly being darker than the side stones, which are probably F. Please help. I know it doesn't seem that big of a difference, but I want to be exactly sure on such a big investment. Any help is appreciated.

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You know, the both are great, even when compared with 1.5 carats; they look just as big looking head-on. I was amazed at the symmetry of the VS1-G as viewed under a microscope, as it was textbook perfect. The table % on both show the true form of the emerald look. The only concern that I have with the G is incorporating it with side stones/baguettes that may be of a higher quality, such as an F color. I haven't viewed the G with F side stones yet, but I definitely do not want the sides to show the color of the center. I guess I'm leaning towards the VS1-G, but I just want to be sure.


Thanks for any responses.

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