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Hey everyone,

I need some help or maybe confidence to but this stone. Please tell me what do you think about it especially the depth of it.






Length to Width Ratio: 1.01<br>

Measurements: 6.02-5.98-4.43<br>

Depth Percentage: 74.1 %<br>

Table Percentage: 71 %<br>

Girdle: thick-very thick.<br>

Culet: None (Pointed)<br>

Polish: Excellent<br>

Symmetry: Excellent<br>

Fluorescence: None (Inert)<br>


Orignially i was going to get this one but i fond some articles about depth that 74% is a lot and it wont look good on the ring

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It *could* be nice as far as light performance or not. The problem is, numbers and external measurements won't really tell you much about the stone as far as light performance goes. It probably does have a little extra weight on it as I have a 1.35 ct. that measures larger than the 1.40 you listed above.

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