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Diamond Weight told differently on two papers

Guest Valerie45

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Guest Valerie45

I Have Purchased A Diamond Ring That Has Baguette diamonds in the band and one Trillion cut diamond on prongs From Whitehall Jewellers. They gave me papers for insurance which state that the grade of the ring is AA and the weight of the Trillion is 1/4 ct and the weight of the Baguette is 1/2 ct total weight. I was told when I purchased the total weight of the ring was 1/2 ct of diamonds. Also on another paper they gave me for the same ring they stated this..... ITEM DESC: Eng Set W/1Tril&9Tb Dia also.... POS Desc: Cw=1/5 Tw=3/8Ct Eng Set My Question is Is my ring a total of 1/2 Ct

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Ask them to explain.


With many of the mass merchandise type stores, they will inventory items based on a general description but not a specific examination of your ring. The chain will buy dozens or even hundreds of the same ring from a factory and each ring will vary a little bit from one to the next. If you are suspecting that the merchandise doesn’t match what you were told, ask them to explain. If you are still nervous, get an independent appraisal for confirmation. If it indicates a problem, go back to the dealer and demand that they make it right. Whitehall is part of a large and respected company.


The insurance question is an interesting one. Insurance companies will accept almost anything as documentation. They actually benefit if the descriptions are weak because it gives them more wiggle room if they ever need to make a replacement. With most insurance policies, the company is agreeing to replace a lost piece with another of ‘like kind and quality’ in exchange for your premiums. Defining ‘like kind and quality’ is one of the reasons that they require you to provide an appraisal. A description of ‘ladies diamond ring about the size of a pea - $7000’ is very easy to replace and the consumer has no way of indicating that the replacement stone is unsatisfactory. AA is not part of any generally accepted grading scale used for diamonds. This means that the insurance company can replace with almost anything and you will be required to accept it.


Neil Beaty


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