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.55 ct Round - need help with quality-price!


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I am looking for help in determining the quality and price on a diamond I am looking at ... should I get it?



EGL certified



Color = G

Weight = 0.55 CT

Clarity= VS2

Polish= VG

Symmetry= G to VG


Depth= 60.2%

Table= 60%

Girdle: thin to medium faceted

Fluorescence= strong blue


They are asking around $2,000 which would include the setting. However, is this a good quality stone? and what do you think about the price?


ANY help is very much appreciated!!!!




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Do you know what "strong blue" fluorescence means and are you ok with that?


Also the $2K including the setting... what kind of setting??


Have you looked at the diamond search function on this website to compare to other diamonds?

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The setting is an 18k yellow gold setting with some small stones on the band


I am not exactly sure what the fluorescense factor means ... except that it lights up onder a black light. When you look at the stone in regular lighting it seems to just have a very white look to it ... and I prefer the stone to look white as opposed to clear ... can this have to do with the cut or the strong blue spec?


I used to buy my diamonds in Belgium and those stones look just so much more white than what I am being shown so far in America ... so I am considering going back there to buy our ultimate wedding ring (around 2.5 - 3 CT)

If anybody could tell me what specification to look at in order to make sure the diamond looks WHITE (like an icy fire) I might also consider buying a diamond over the internet...





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You should be able to get the same quality GIA certified (more reputable than the EGL) online for MUCH less. Take a look at some of the more reputable websites out there - they're going for around 1500.00 for that size, color, clarity, and cut and you probably won't have to pay sales tax.


Just my opinion.

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