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Please help- must decide diamond


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My boyfriend and I have been looking for a diamond for a while and have visited many stores as well a friend of the family's jeweler. I felt that his prices were a bit high and I kept looking around while keeping in touch with him about any new diamonds he came across. I recently found round GIA certified diamond, 1.32 carats, G color, VS2 clarity at a local jeweler. Measurements are 7.05-7.09x4.34mm. Depth is 61.4% and table is 58%. No culet or florescence. Medium girdle. They are asking $8500. The friend of the family's jeweler insists that while the depth and table % are good, the measurements are not that great. I don't know if he's being honest or not. The local jeweler has let us put a refundable deposit on the diamond, but only for a week. We have to make a decision about the diamond by tomorrow or we lose our deposit. Can anyone tell me anything they know about the measurements? Should we buy this diamond or keep looking? The cut is the most important thing to me and I want to make sure we are getting a very well cut diamond. Thanks!

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The measurements are not bad on that at all. We just sold a SI1 G 1.36 that measured 7.11-7.15 ideal cut that sold for $8375, so I don't think that is a bad deal. If you search harder you may be able to save a couple of hundred but will you get the service that the local jeweler will give you?

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