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Israel is one of the top cutting area's along with Antwerp and India. Many goods are produced there. The places where diamonds are traded to the trade are not open to the public and the dealers of course buy more than 1 diamond.

If you are from the States, you can get as good a deal here on 1 diamond, if you know about how diamonds are graded and shop and compare. Also you will have credit card protection here whereas overseas you won't.

Look for a good independent jeweler in your area that will educate you and show you stones as well as letting you compare some side by side. It's also good to buy from 1 place mounting and diamond if you can so you have service after the sale, guarantees and warranties and upgrade in policies in the future.

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Way back when I got engaged, I happened to be in Israel for a business trip and bought an engagement diamond there. I knew absolutely nothing about diamonds back then, and I even paid cash (in dollars).


However, looking back, I realize it was a risky thing to do. I could have easily been scammed. It just so happens that the guy I dealt with was straightforward and honest, and saw my purchase for what it was -- a U.S. consumer intrigued by the Israeli diamond industry, and wanting to add a little pizazz to the whole experience by buying direct from a cutter.


From the standpoint of saving money or getting a superior diamond, I don't think you'll be able to do any better there or here or anywhere else. Jan is right -- buying here in the U.S. affords you with the consumer protection laws that exists here, and that you as someone who lives here can take full advantage of.


However if like me you are looking to add some pizazz and are willing to take the risks I mentioned and you are sure you can trust your contacts in Israel, then I don't see why not...


Good luck!

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I just posted a thread that reminds me of this case.


Here we have a case of someone making a purchase special and unique simply by going about it in an unusual way -- going all the way to Israel and buying a diamond directly from a cutter.


Bottom line, it's not always about price.


Work with a jeweler that you like and that is reputable, and make the purchase your own unique experience, however that may be.

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