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The whole experience with Diamonds USA ended up being exactly what you fear when buying a diamond over the internet.. please please avoid.


Terrible purchase experience, I wish I had never logged onto their site. The stone was supposed to be a round 1.23ct G/SI2.. ended up having a very obvious carbon spot right in the middle and right at the top!.. conveniently not indicated on the EGL certificate. It can be seen literally from one metre away. My friends call it the "bugrock" because it looks like a fruitfly is encased in it.


I have never able to rectify the problem with them.. their review period is criminally short (10 days) and they wouldn't exchange it even though I was so obviously displeased. It also needed to be reset because the band was so thick I couldn't close my fingers (I returned the bad setting and they charged me $200 to send me an empty setting which was worth less than the original one + I paid another 90$ to have a local jeweler set the stone..)


I then tried to get rid of the horrible stone through their upgrade service which would basically mean I would have to spend double what I paid.. and believe me the last thing I wanted to do was to give them more money... but they still wouldn't take it back because the only stone available was $200 less than 2X the price. (never mind total price was over $7000 US, I was willing to pay the extra $200 to get rid of it AND I was a very unhappy customer!).


I even tried to sell it on eBay to get rid of it and cut my losses (at half what I paid) but the black spot was a turn off and there were no takers.. + another $40 to list the stupid thing.


Rude customer service too. Now I am stuck with this ugly stone which will end up in the back of the drawer as a total waste of money.


They are quick to tell you about all their 'happy' customers but how many are there like me? Even some of their "testimonials" complained about lousy settings when I contacted them, unfortunately after the fact.

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