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hey guys and gals!

Need your help!

I am on a quest for a 1 carat round brilliant diamond for my sweetie... Should I spend the extra dough on a 1.01 or 1.02 lesser quality cut and color?

Or spend the same amount & go for a 1.0 "perfect stone" if there is such a beast? Taking into consideration of course d thru g color range, IF and 1a to 1b cut characteristics...

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for your time!


Flipside :(

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One carat superideal D-IF diamonds are a wonderful thing, no doubt about it. The decision to compromise on one or more of these attributes is almost always based on the pricing and the opportunity to spend this money on something else. This is a question for your accountant, not your jeweler.


Neil Beaty


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Also, the difference between "1 carat" and "1.01 or 1.02" can sometimes be disguised by the type of cut. So trying to decide which size you should buy is impossible to do without actually going and looking at them. You may find a 1 carat stone that looks as large as a 1.01 but costs less. Or you may find a 1.01 carat that has better fire and scintilation than a 1 carat, but slightly less color and it may be priced less than the comparable 1 carat.


How will you know without looking-looking-looking. :(


Princess Tess

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