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Emerald Cut help


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i was wondering if some people could weigh in on their suggestions. i've been hearing so many different things. i'm looking at a few different emerald cut diamonds, all about 1.0 cts at a length to width ratio of about 1.5. i'm finding that for my price range, there's a trade off for color, clarity, and cut. the nicer cuts and clarity are I and the better color H is lower cut and clarity. so what do you think matters most? i know there is a lot of other things to consider, but i've weighed all the other options and it's coming down to this. here's some of what i'm looking at: a ll are GIA graded


1.0 I VS2 Very Good cut Depth 67.7% Table 67%

1.02 H SI1 Good cut Depth 71.2% Table 69%

1.01 H VVS2 Good Depth 72.5% Table 70%

1.01 H VS1 Fair Depth 68.9% Table 78%


what do you think of these? all are within my price range. thanks for any input.



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I hope you are looking at the diamonds in person. Going by only a total depth and table is not much info to go on. It doesn't tell you the facet arrangement, length to width ratio, overall shape or anything. A well cut emerald cut looks like this one for an example.


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Unfortunatley i can't see them as they are in an internet vendor store online.....but i do have more information on each as i stated about length to width, measurements, etc. i honestly don't even know how the facet arrangement affects or how i would know how to do that. i've done some research, but i'm still a rookie. i have the GIA reports on each, so i've looked those over, and what i posted are the things that seem to matter most. maybe i'm wrong, although i know especially with fancy cut diamonds you should see them, but in this case the best are available online where i can't see them.



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Two Emeralds may have the same exact "numbers" but look totally different.


Pics are a must or you're shopping blind. If they can't get you photo's find a vendor that can and will.


Would you buy a car or house just on the "numbers"?


I don't think so.

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This is where trusting your jeweler is a MUST. If you can't see the stone with your own eyes you must be able to trust the eyes of your jeweler, because as Jan and Barry say, the numbers at this point can guide you wrong.


Do you trust your jeweler? :(


Princess Tess

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