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Please tell me the quality of this diamond.


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I'm looking at a diamond with the following GIA Grading Report. What quality of a diamond is this? Thanks


Shape and cutting style: Round Brilliant

Measurements: 6.73 - 6.77 x 4.24mm

Size: 1.21



Depth: 62.8%

Table: 57%

Girdle: Medium To Thick Faceted

Culet: None



Polish: Very Good

Summetry: Excellent

Clarity Grade: VS1

Color Grade: F

Fluorescence: None

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Can you rephrase your question please? GIA reports list quite a few of the attributes that are used to describe quality in a diamond, like the VS1 clarity, and they leave off some of the others, like cut grading. Are you looking for an explanation of some of the terms used in your report?


Neil Beaty


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