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HELP:First diamong ring: Please advice


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First of all,let me say you guys rock!!! There is lots of valuable info here.


I spent sometime on the web to learn more about diamonds(went thru the tutoril here as well) but still I realize there is lot that I donot know.And now I donot have much time left for research.I would really really appreciate your advice on this.


Here are details:


GIA certified - Lazare kaplin diamonds

Shape:Round brilliant

Carret: 0.8



Cut:ideal cut (they say)



measurements : 6.05-6.09 x 3.67 mm




Gridle:Thin to Mediam,faceted ( donot what this means)



PRICE:$4.5k (mounting not included)


well, I tried to give the maximum info.The four C's fit my desired spec. But I am confused as to not able to figure if the whole spec make much sense and justify the price.


I would really really appreciate your advice.


#1. Are these spec sound okay for price 5k?

#2. Any negatives that you see in the spec? I want to use this for price negotioation in the least...

#3. Any positives that you see - basically I wanted to go for branded as I know I am not diamond techie- is Lazare good brand?

#4. Platinum mounitng that we liked,they quoted for around $1500 but are willing discount at $1100.Is platinum really worth this much?This is also lazar brand.

#5. Are there any other things that we have to check for?Any suugessions?

#6. This is from local jewellers in california,they have 5 branches in USA.Are there any warrenty issues that I need to check for? I am not sure if the shops generally have any thing like 30-day guarantee or something to that effect. In case, I realize later on that I was screwed by these guys,I could return and buy somewhere else or atlest could exchange for better one.I think having an exit plan is a good idea especially when so much money is spent with so much less knowledge.


Please advice me.Please post your suggessions and recommendations.



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$4500 for .80 ct. VS1 F ideal cut Lazare Kaplan stone is extremely good price. They are the original brand for ideal cut diamonds. Make sure that the stone has the Lazare Kaplan inscription on it. Also $1100 for a platinum mounting sounds reasonable as well especially since platinum is about $880 an ounce today.

Sounds like a winner.

Check and see if they have an upgrade policy in the future as well.

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