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Is 14k white gold better than 18k?

Guest bturpin

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Guest bturpin

I was told at a jewlery store that for white gold rings, it's better to have 14k rather than 18k. They said that because there's a higher percentage of pure gold that's in 18k, since it's originally yellow, the easier and sooner it will begin to get the yellowish look again. Is that accurate?

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The yellow tint that white gold tends to develop comes from the chemical reaction of the metals with other things that you get into. It can be an simple as the oils in your skin and the mixture of the air in your home. For some people and in some places this happens very quickly and for others it can be quite slow. If you are going to buy white gold and you like the pure white look, plan on getting it rhodium plated periodically. This will be true whichever karatage you choose. It's usually inexpensive and easily done.


Neil Beaty


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