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Found diamond and setting ad different places


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I've found the diamond and setting my girlfriends wants, but not at the same place. She wants and Asscher style diamond and Trellis or Lucida setting, and many places don't have them or one or the other isn't nice at their store. Both places I have found are online because of limited options in my area.


Does anyone have an suggestions about getting the diamond set? Where should I go? What should I look for? Apporx cost of work?


Thank you very much.

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Ask the company that you are buying the setting from. If you are planning on having an appraisal on the diamond as part of your decision process, have this done prior to getting it set. Setting a stone usually ends the return period with the dealer. Also, make sure that both you and the setter understand who is assuming the damage risk during the setting process. Most jewelers will automatically include this 'insurance' component for setting on stones that they have sold but will not accept the risk with stones purchased elsewhere unless an additional fee is paid.



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