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Tiffany: the best or rip-off


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I know this is an old thread but I still feel that theres an important point that's being missed here;


There is a huge significance to the name of the brand, the heritage behind it and the buying experience as a whole (as was previously said).


But, breaking down one of those rings into the different parts and saying "it's overpriced" is just wrong, even when reselling these designer rings, it's not weighed for the metal as scrap and judged by the value of the stone, it's sold as an entire designer "piece", and will never be broken down to the separate parts, so even if the original purchase price was 20% higher, the resell price is also 20% higher (just an example).


It's like saying a gold Rolex isn't worth its weight in gold,

The pieces are truly worth more than the sum of their parts.

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I just got something for my wife from Tiffany. I have gotten jewelry from Peoples and the quality and peace of mind Tiffany provides is unparalleled by others. There are many things I choose to save on but when it comes to jewelry, I am okay paying the extra from Tiffany.

I showed up in jeans and winter boots, and still got great service.

Blue Nile also has a great selection and prices, however you still need to do homework on quality.

If you don't buy jewelry often, why not buy the peace of mind and save your time? Secondly, think of you wife. She's worth it.


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