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Can you please tell me if I bought it right at $450?


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There are 3 potential issues with the stone:

1. The clarity - there is a huge feather going right through the table, which is why IGI has graded it I2. The issue here isn't just the visibility of the inclusion, but the risk to integrity, especially when setting the stone (if you intend to put into a piece of jewellery).#

2. The colour - in two sub-aspects:
     a. Its distribution - it seems to be quite unevenly distributed (not just in the large photo - look at the top part of the stone in the smaller photo)
     b. The actual hue. I think IGI have been quite benign by not calling it brown-something-or-other, which of course would depress the price

3. The cut. Which we know little about, other than a fair amount of weight is hidden in the girdle, and it's nicely square. No idea if it is lively or not...

At $450, it may be a good price if you like it and you don't mind any of the risks above. I could see some "appraiser" or other telling you it's worth $3,000, but I don't see it selling at that price, considering the I2 and the brownish tint.

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