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Need Advice on ACA ~1.1ct/VS1/I Round Brilliant Diamonds Under 10K


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Hi, my significant other and myself are shopping for an engagement ring for the first time and would love some advice evaluating which ACA diamond to get from Whiteflash.  I know the forum recommendations suggest listing no more than 3 diamonds, but we listed a few more for comparison (since it's hard for us to filter down to 3 with our newbie knowledge, sorry!).  We are not really good at interpreting the idealscope / aset / heart and diamond images, but from visual inspection, we liked the following one:

The other ones that met the same search criteria:

If it helps, we think we are planning to go with this Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Ring: 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring by Vatche | 1778 (whiteflash.com).

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated, thank you so much!!!

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Diamond | 1.118 ct I VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Round Cut Loose Diamond AGS Certified | 4432220 (whiteflash.com)

I would go with this because it's the same price as your original selection but is a clarity grade better. 

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The good thing with WhiteFlash (and other premium cut vendors) is that although the diamonds aren't exactly identical they are all cut to very high standards and to very similar proportions. As such, I agree with Furqan: get the one that costs the same and has roughly the same diameter, but slightly better clarity.

14 hours ago, airoll said:

We are not really good at interpreting the idealscope / aset / heart and diamond images

There are minor, minor differences - however you (or anyone else, including people posting on the forum) are not going to see them without the stone being loose and observed through a reflector viewer, be it IS/ASET/H&A or something else. This said, if you visually prefer the 1.112, go for that one!

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