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I have a platinum set ring with four emerald cut diamonds. I know nothing about diamonds. The stones are each slightly under a carat. One local jeweler told me that the ring would be worth about $1000. I asked if it would be better to remove the stones as the setting is odd. He said he thought not. His store didn't buy jewelry or stones. He told me they were vs1 and G from a quick look. I'd appreciate any advice.

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Missed the color grade.
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If they genuinely are "slightly under a carat", say 0.85, and genuinely G/VS1, $1,000 sounds like a fairly low assessment (similar stones would retail for $2-3,000 each - which is far from what you could sell them for, but you should be able to do better than 20% of retail). If the stones are good, a jeweller may think it's not worthwhile removing them as they can do that themselves quickly and easily; a consumer may be taken aback (and undervalue/baulk) if the setting really looks strange.

I think you should first of all get a precise assessment of what you've got. It's great that a jeweller took a brief look, but this sounds like something worth clarifying with an appraisal (for resale, not for insurance!) The appraiser can then also advise you on whether taking the stones out is worth the effort or not.

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You don't have much to go on here. By 'worth', do you mean how much you can reasonably expect to get for it from a dealer? I'm going to assume so, but it makes a big difference. 

You've been given just enough advice to be useless. It's from an anonymous source. If they're anything like VS1/G, yes it's worth pulling them out. By the way, have a pro do it, not you.  It's fairly easy to damage things. Grading details make a big different. VS1/G and I1/J are remarkably similar from a 'brief look'. The difference between a 0.70 and a 0.98 is double and a VS1/G to a I1/J is nearly triple. Guessing is not the way to do this. Get it appraised by a real appraiser, who is working for YOU, not someone who is trying to buy it. A bid is not the same thing as an appraisal. There may be other expenses too. If it's truly VS1/G/0.90+ each, it may benefit you to send them in to GIA and pay the fee. The question is worth thousands of dollars. 


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