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0.5 ctw stud earrings with screw backs?


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I’m looking for a vendor recommendation for ~0.5 ctw yellow gold stud earrings for my wife.  She hates friction backs.  Don’t care if is mined or synthetic but needs to be ethical.  I want maximum sparkle and my budget is ~$600.  Not a hard limit. The closest thing I could find was .75 ctw from clean origins for $895 which is tempting. My wife doesn’t care at all about rarity, appreciation, specs, or certs; she only cares about aesthetics.  She told me she doesn’t want anything too big, i think 0.5 ctw is about right.  0.75 ctw might be ok.

i also think the drop earrings with laser Drilled Diamonds look super cool but couldn’t find any in my price range.





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Welcome to Diamond Review!

Given the price of fittings (friction backs are cheaper than pretty much anything else, and gold is expensive right now), the limiting factor is finding a setting that you like; the diamonds are going to be "what they are" - there isn't much room for picking and choosing except from what is there already in a design that works for you/your wife.

Have you considered "not using diamonds", but something else- from CZ to other natural gemstones? That will free up some budget and give you a bit more choice; even synthetic diamonds are relatively expensive.

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I admit to being confused. You asked about 0.50 carat total weight studs, something that pretty much any jeweler in the country sells. $600 is plenty. 0.75cts is a totally different thing. The picture is of a totally different thing from that. The link is for white gold screw backs. That's yet another totally different thing (that's over budget, by the way). Can you zero it in a bit on what you're looking for?

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Thank you for trying to help me despite me being all over the place. I just learned that there’s something called a heavy duty friction back which holds more securely.  I am going to get some studs from James Allen and also buy some heavy duty friction backs.

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