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Do you think this is an arrow and fire stone?


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Hello everyone,

I have the opportunity to buy this diamond ($15,000) for an engagement ring and I have a few questions. I saw the diamond my self and it looks nice but I literally have zero expertise and thats why I am asking for your input.

1) is it a fair price?
2) what do you think about the I colour?
3) How would you rate this diamond light return performance (since it cant be found on the GIA report)
4) Is it a heart and arrow diamond?

Link is at the top

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Hi @mnourel, welcome to Diamond Review!

Let's start from the questions that actually have an answer...

1) Yes, it seems to be priced reasonably.

4) No, I would not call it "H&A" - there are significant clefts in most hearts, the bottom of the heart is not separated from the pavilion arrowhead, the heart shapes/sizes are not particularly consistent, the arrow shafts are misaligned and the "crown" arrowheads are misshapen. Here is what a 'good one' should look like


The question I would ask back is: does it matter that it is not H&A?

Now to the other questions, which are a bit more of the "how long is a piece of string" type:

2) Some people like it, some don't. A lot of the colour perception "from the top" will also depend on how well it is cut: the better the cut, the less coloured it will appear. From the side, a relatively large diamond like a 1.70 will more easily show as 'tinted' to a casual observer, but a lot depends on the setting (and the lighting, and the background, and...). If you have seen this and not particularly noticed the colour, this would suggest that it's "OK for you"; have you had the opportunity to compare it to (say) an F/G and a J/K?

3) "Light return performance" is not well defined. As far as I can tell from the report, the video and the reflector images, it's a reasonably well cut diamond. Is it in the top 10% of well-cut diamonds? No, but neither are you paying the "top 10%" price. 

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