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identification of the flaws on this round diamond


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so I recently got offered this round 2.05 brown, orangy yellow diamond. the quality isn't great it's actually an I2(I1 by certificate but not really reliable I think) but for the price I'm tempted on buying it, the problem is I can't identify what's that flaw on the face of the diamond that seems to have a different color on it, do you think it's chipped on the surface or it might be a crack inside(if its inside I'm not to bothered) thanks for the help here are the pics.

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 10.40.48.png

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 10.41.00.png

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 10.41.06.png

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here is the certificate being algt I don't trust it at all, this was declared natural and untreated by the listing if this isn't the case please let me know so I can actually can cancel my order thanks so much, I'm also posting the pictures of the backside

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.16.06.png

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.17.36.png

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.17.42.png

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The 'thing' is a feather, that is a fracture in the stone. The rainbow-like appearance is suspect - as Furqan has mentioned, it could be an indication that the stone has been fracture-filled.

I wouldn't trust that report as far as I could throw it - I can't verify it online either. In addition to the 'suspicious feather', there is a risk that the stone has been treated to enhance the colour, the girdle seems to be chipped (but the chip is not on the report, or it seems to be marked as an "indented natural") and if that is a 'very good' polish I'm Léa Seydoux's twin.

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42 minutes ago, Takel98 said:

Ok understood, thanks so much for the help, do you think that the rainbow-like appearance would be very visible to the naked eye?

In most cases, with normal vision, and under normal lighting conditions, fracture filling is usually not visible. A lot of if's there that are not answered by a photograph or in the above report. Mostly with facture filling people worry about whether it's there at all. If you're ok to skate past that, I wouldn't worry about the minutia. I don't recognize that lab, which doesn't mean much, but the burden is on THEM to convince you their opinion has merit. They seem to have failed at this. That means don't just discount their opinion, ignore it completely. You're starting from scratch. Show it to someone who knows what they're doing and ask these questions. 

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When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring, clarity is a factor that many people struggle with. In this article, I've assembled a list of the various types of inclusions found in diamonds, along with descriptions of what they imply and how they appear.
Twinning Wisps
Indented Natural

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5 hours ago, Ed Auguero said:

In this article, I've assembled a list of the various types of inclusions found in diamonds, along with descriptions of what they imply and how they appear.

There is no article or description. And to get to "implications" for any one type of inclusion would be a tall order indeed.

On the other hand, since GIA have already done 99% of the work for you (and the forum readers), here it is:


and more from GIA on how to interpret the marks on the report here: 


I still don't understand how this is in any way relevant to the OP's question... you may want to clarify.

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Missing "GIA on" in the third paragraph
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