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What do you think of these diamonds?

Gianna Gerolymatou

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Hi all, sorry for my English.

I am trying to help my sister deciding on a ring. Her budget is no more than 8000$ (incl the setting). She will be buying it online through BlueNile.

Could you please me what do you think on these diamonds? She likes bigger diamonds and she is willing to go lower on color as long as it is not really visible. 

  1. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16145271
  2. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16145160
  3. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16475268
  4. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16993595 (this one I personally like the most)
  5. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD16764034
  6. https://www.bluenile.com/gr/diamond-details/LD17073169

We'd appreciate all the help we could get. If you have anything else to suggest, kindly do so.

Thank you all so much

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Hi Gianna, welcome to Diamond Review!

Your English is excellent, and a lot better than my Greek.

My take on your 6 finalists - please take everything with a grain of salt; I'm working primarily from the reports (the videos aren't good for much other than showing visibility of inclusions), and in any case beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

#6 is the first to go out. For many, many reasons. Medium yellow fluorescence in an F is a killer (IMHO) - especially in Greece. I prefer taller crowns and narrower tables, but this gives the diamond a good spread - at the expense (in my opinion again) of liveliness. The SI2 clarity based on clouds not on the plot (which usually means many and very large) could have been another reason to discard, but it seems OK in the video. Finally, if size is the key point, this one is about average in your 6...

#5 goes next. No reason to "like" it since it's smaller than most because of a relatively thick girdle. You are paying for high clarity that you'll never see.

It's the turn of #1. Where I really don't like the cut proportions... And it's expensive. And it is the one that is least likely to be eye-clean (the cloud in the centre of the table will - I suspect - be rather easily visible, especially to people that know it is there, and you do, and so does your sister...)

Cut proportions also eliminate #3, unless the low price and large diameter are driving factors.

Last one to eliminate is your favourite, #4... 😨😨 Nothing wrong with it, but again you are paying a premium for IF clarity that you will never see. I like the cut proportions, but again the relatively thick girdle, coupled with a smaller weight than the others, makes it look smaller. If size is your priority, you should rather get #3 and save more than €1000 in the process!

Which kind of leaves #2 as the overall winner for me, although to be honest I'm not super-keen on the fairly asymmetric pavilion and therefore 'dark spot in the centre'. If it were for me, I'd rather pick #4 (nicer overall), but it doesn't quite fit with 'largest possible'... and it will look a bit more tinted.

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