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Can a diamond be dented?


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Hello, new fiancé here 😊
I’ve had my e-ring for about two months now and recently found threads/lint getting stuck in some of the prongs here and there. Come to find out, that can be a bad sign that the prongs are loose so I took it to my jeweler to check it out. They tightened up the prongs and I was on my way. Upon observing my ring after the prong tightening, I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me or not but it almost seems as if one of the prongs is denting and pushing into the diamond?

Is this even possible for a jeweler to dent a diamond from tightening the prongs? Please let me know as I can’t find a clear answer on the internet. Thank you!


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Hi Pmasley, welcome to Diamond Review, and congratulations on your engagement!

Diamonds generally don't dent - they are way too hard and rigid. They can crack and chip, though, and it is possible that they do so when they are being set (or prongs are tightened). Unfortunately, we'd need to see the diamond to confirm whether your impression that the diamond is dented is just the prong metal reflecting (and possibly in a slightly different way from what it did before), or the diamond is actually damaged.

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