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A match? Or chipped?


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Dear DR,

I have previously purchased a GIA 1.03 ct Q-R diamond (brillant). 3EX-grade with a very light brown color.

And I am now looking for a matching diamond for a ring.

I stumbled on this diamond (see picture). Also Q-R, 1.0 ct. etc...

But it appears to have a small chip at 12 o'clock. And cut/symmetry is 'only' very good (not excellent).

Would this be close enough? Or should the chip/slight difference in cut/symmetry be of concern?

Thank you for your help!


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Hi Erik, welcome to Diamond Review!

Well... I wish I could give a definite answer to at least one of your questions.

25 minutes ago, Erik92 said:

Would this be close enough? Or should the chip/slight difference in cut/symmetry be of concern?

It really depends on how close you need them to be. Where is the other diamond? If you are thinking of a 'moi et toi' ring or something like that, it probably isn't. If you are thinking of a pair of ear studs (I know you aren't - just as an example), probably yes: there is always going to be a head in between.

The difference in symmetry is probably the least concern; proportions (and looks) may be quite different between GIA EX and GIA EX; when you expand the field to VG, without the reports (and ideally seeing the diamonds!) it's anybody's guess as to how well they will match. BTW - it's possible that the only reason why this got a 'VG' symmetry grade is because of the chip; is the chip in the report, or did it happen after grading?

On the other hand, light brown Q-R stones aren't super common (or rather - they are relatively common, but not many get graded by GIA, as they get sold without a lab report or at best with a third-tier lab report), and if at least the diameters and table % are similar you may be able to get away with a lot more than may seem possible if they match reasonably well in colour. Which in turn opens another can of worms, as 'Q-R, light brown' covers a much greater range of shades than (say) G or H.

31 minutes ago, Erik92 said:

Any experience in hiding a chip of this size under a prong? Go or no-go?

Ah, the chip, the chip. Yes, it's possible in theory to hide that under a prong. However, depending on why the chip happened (e.g. too thin a girdle?), it may make things worse. In addition, whether the 'hiding' is successful depends in part on the style of the setting; a thin, claw-like prong may not hide enough. And any prong - unless you go for a bezel-style setting - is going to be placed at a slightly asymmetrical angle vs. the stone faceting.

Would I buy it? At a very discounted price, and knowing a skilled setter, maybe I would. But not otherwise.

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