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Advice on natural heart diamond for pendant

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I am in search of a heart diamond that I can set in a solitaire pendant necklace.

I found these two below which both look to me like they have great measurements for the carat weight. The second is bigger (and slightly more expensive) but has strong blue fluorescence and the first is lower on the color scale. What do you think about these two diamonds from the looks of the videos? Do you have a preference? Thanks so much!


Other options I have found as alternatives but with smaller measurements. I am also open to other ideas too. Hoping to stay below 2k (bonus for $1500 or less) and have one of the l/w measurements close to 6mm.

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Any of those will be OK for use in a pendant. The 'problem' in commenting or expressing a preference is that you are all over the place in terms of colour, clarity and proportions/cut (in as much as they can be determined from the info available - that is, not very well).

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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