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My diamond being switched

Donna Nguyen

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Need help!!!!  My wedding diamond ring has been swapped this past weekend by the jewerly store in Las Vegas.  I do have GIA certificate with serial numbers, don't know what to do???  Dropped off with one GIA serial number and ended up with 2 serial numbers on diamond??? and it looks so fake!  Did confront them at the time of picking up.  They denied and told us to report to the police if we want to.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Donna N.

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If what they did involved removing the stone from its seat and re-setting it, it's also possible that it is the same stone, just set in a different position so some inclusions are more visible, or seated badly so part of the setting is visible through the diamond. Can you read the inscription with a loupe? It is possible for a diamond to have more than one girdle inscription. If you can read it (them) and it doesn't match, then... couple of questions:

1. Did the jewellery store release you a receipt at the time of you giving them the ring?

2. If so, does it have the correct GIA report number on it?

If that's the case, it should be easy enough to go back to the jeweller, and ask them to check under the microscope whether the GIA numbers match. Ask them to demonstrate to you that they do match, and go from there - if faced with the undeniable fact that the stone has been switched, they may be a bit more cooperative...

If you can read it, and it does match but the diamond looks "different", it may be a case of the stone being re-seated differently (and possibly improperly); ask them to fix it.

If you can't read the number (even with a good loupe it's not easy, and you may need a microscope), then find an appraiser and explain the situation; they should help and probably won't even charge you just to read the number.

If the inscription doesn't match, but you don't have a receipt mentioning that GIA number, it's more complicated: the jeweller can argue that the report corresponds to another diamond. At that point, I would say that you need to talk to a lawyer...

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You are welcome. Bear in mind that it's possible for a diamond to have two inscriptions by two different labs. It is more important to see whether the numbers match or not (although it's not fool-proof as an identification method - matching characteristics from the report is far more reliable, but it requires some expertise to do it)

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