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Help me decide between these two diamonds!


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Please help me with your expert opinion to decide on these two diamonds from James Allen for my girlfriend of 10 years. I’m looking for the most brilliance, sparkle and best light reflection. I’m going crazy deciding. Which would you select?


LW: 1.34

Table: 67%

Depth: 67%


LW: 1.36

Table: 63%

Depth: 67.5%



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Of the two, I have a strong preference for the 1.51 - much better balance of contrast (the 1.50 goes "all black" then "all white", and more pleasant proportions (crown height) overall.

This said, this is what it does in the video, with that lighting, that angle and distance from the camera etc. - in person viewing may well tell a completely different story, and many of these things are personal preferences anyway.

If I may ask - why picking VVS1 stones? You are paying a premium for something you'll never see... (and the same largely applies for E vs. G colour).

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