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Good Purchase?


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Good day everyone,

I recently made a purchase on 08/08/21, and immediately right after I felt horrible. Description on ring, 10k gold 1/4 ct diamonds, current size 8. I paid $575 even including sizing adjustment. Was this a deal or a steal? Also The ring is new bought from a jeweler.

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I was typing when Neil's reply came in, so you'll get many of the same questions:

To start with, in which country are you located? There are at least 10 I know that use "$" as the sign for their currency unit, but they aren't worth the same!

Secondly, does the total include all tax? If so, at what rate?

Thirdly, "a ring" can go from a simple solitaire to something very elaborate - at the least knowing how heavy it is would help. "1/4 carat diamonds" can mean a single stone or 20 - and they will vary in colour, clarity and cut quality.

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