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Princess cut G VS2 1.01ct GIA solitaire feathered corners


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I’ve recently purchased a 1.01 carat VS2 G Princess Cut diamond ring and I’m now concerned about the feathered corners after reading online. I’ve attached the GIA report, will the feathers in multiple corners on a VS2 be a durability issue?

Really appreciate your opinions





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Not a problem in my opinion . VS2 feathers are thin and not a problem and mostly on the surface and not deep. Online has too much rubbish written by people who have never traded even as much as a single diamond in their lifes.

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Unlikely to be a problem, as Furqan said - however the only person who has a real say in this is the setter... if you purchased the diamond and a setting, then in a sense it's not your problem. If you are planning to have someone set the diamond in a ring provided by a third party, then talk with them.

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