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Diamond under flash…

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Looks to me like the ring needs to be cleaned (especially the underside of the diamond) before it is photographed. Those pinpoints could be internal but look more likely to be external dirt reflecting through the stone. Regardless, this is not what a “milky” stone would look like. I’m sure other experts have access to imagery which I do not right now and could post to show you the difference. 

Laurent George
Diamond Ideals
New York City



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Totally agree with Laurent - as a VS2 I would expect it to look much 'cleaner'.

@Galaxy do you have any info on what GIA says about fluorescence?

Here's what a 'mildly milky' (or smoky) diamond looks like:

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The 'black' stuff is inclusions; the hazy bluish appearance is not related to that, and caused by fluorescence.

I don't have any other good examples of what a fluorescent milky/smoky/hazy diamond looks like, but this GIA article has one (fig. 4)

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
Diamonds by Lauren (

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