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are these good prices

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I've never personally done business with them, which means nothing, but they're large and seem to be well regarded. They're one of the advertisers on RareCarat (which doesn't really impress me, by the way). Terms and conditions are good. Lots of positive reviews. They've got a physical store in San Fransisco, which is evidence that they're decently well established. 

They're a virtual seller, which means they don't own or even have most of what they sell. That comes with some troubles but it's fairly typical in this business. Inventory is a problem for jewelers and relying on a supply chain that starts in India causes trouble. Stones are shared with other stores all over the world so there's a very real possibility that something will get sold somewhere else and they won't even know until they try to buy it. Their reviews are lots of 5* and a few 1*'s with very little in between. This is the reason. It's not actually 'bait and switch' but it feels like it because they don't actually have what they're selling and there's a greater than zero chance that they can't get it. Again, this is typical. You'll see a few complaints about this in the reviews of pretty much any Internet diamond dealer using the virtual inventory system. I think every seller advertising here has the exact same issue. The alternative is dealers who carry things in inventory which means less selection and higher prices. That's why they look attractive in the RareCarat lens. All in all, they look pretty good.  

In terms of prices, it's pretty easy to check yourself. I'd be willing to bet you already have. Do a search in one of the giant virtual databases, like the one behind the 'Diamond Finder' link at the top of the page, and search for similar stones. You'll usually find dozens of choices from nearly as many vendors. It's easy to see who is price aggressive and who isn't. The big differences are normally in the terms and conditions, not so much the prices. 

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