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A friend of mine bought a ring for his mother for Mother's Day.  Since we are very close, he showed me the ring before he gave it to her.  I own two diamond testers, one is the SAM and the other is an ORIS Brand I think.  I tested using both of my diamond testers, which will decipher diamond from Moissante or sapphire or CZ and GLASS!!!

Every tester returned a "POSITIVE" diamond when we tested the ring, but he really paid a super low price for the ring.  It also had a card of some sorts from Golden Gems International stating it was a beautiful, "Round Brilliant Cut Blue Diamond".  It says the origin is Brazil.  It also says it was "Earth Mined" and the comments say HPHT (which I have no idea what it means).

If ANYONE out there knows about this company and can shed some light on this purchase for me and my friend, I would appreciate it so much!!!!

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Iris Kent


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Hi Iris, welcome to Diamond Review!

I have never heard of Golden Gems, but that doesn't mean anything either way. On the other hand, I can provide some information on what HPHT means: it means that the diamond's colour and clarity have been changed by using a High Pressure, High Temperature process. If the diamond is now blue, it has also probably been irradiated after the HPHT treatment to give it the blue colour.

HPHT-treated (and irradiated) diamonds cost a fraction of what an otherwise identical untreated diamond would - which could explain why your friend has paid a relatively low price for the ring. It is no guarantee that what he got is a diamond, but it does make it more plausible. 

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