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Can't choose between 2 Stones


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Hello everyone,

I have to choose between 2 stones for my engagement ring. Both are very similar and there is no difference with the naked eye. The only difference is a price difference of 150euros. Can anyone with more knowledge maybe give an opninion on thr choice? 

PS. Both are GIA certified. The stone with the triple EX cut is 150euros more expensive.

Thanks in advance!




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There isn't enough information in what you posted to provide advice. If they really look identical to you (size, liveliness, brightness, contrast, fire, ...), I see no reason to spend the extra €150.

Usually the difference between a Very Good and an Excellent cut is there for a (visible) reason - but we'd need all of the information on the reports (or the report numbers) to figure out what that difference is!

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Thanks for posting these!

I can't say whether they look the same or not from a beauty point of view, but it's clear why one is graded Very Good cut and the other Excellent. The EX stone is about 9% larger in terms of surface area seen from the top. That's because the VG stone is 'hiding' weight in a bulgy crown and a thick girdle: note how it's deeper - but you don't see depth visually (when looking at a set diamond): you see diameter, and the GIA cut grading system tries to take this into account.

FWIW, from the proportions on the report I would expect them to be visibly different - specifically I would expect the EX to be a bit brighter, and the VG to have more 'fire' (coloured light flashes), but 1) practice and theory are often different and 2) beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

Whether that changes things - and whether that changes things by €150 or more - is entirely your decision!

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51 minutes ago, Leoquitas said:

the difference between "brighter" and "fire"(coloured flashy lights)? I'm guessing one is better than the other?

No, I wouldn't say that one is better than the other - they are different effects, and different people prefer different combinations of them.

Brightness is just that: the total amount of light reflected back to the observer's eye. A flat mirror is very bright, but not very interesting, in gem terms - orienting parts of the mirror away from direct line reflection makes the gem sparkly and more interesting (but decreases the amount of light getting back at any one angle).

Fire is coloured light that results from refraction inside the gem; think of a prism and how it turns a white light beam into a rainbow. The same happens within faceted gemstone materials, as the facets can be interpreted as prisms stacked against one another. If you imagine a single prism lit by a single ray of light on an edge, it will refract it into a rainbow, but each colour in the rainbow will be far less bright than the incident white light. Little brightness, but a lot of colour.

In a sense, a diamond acts as a set of mirrors reflecting white light, and a set of prisms refracting that white light into coloured flashes; grossly simplifying matters, the geometry of a diamond is such that the more you have facets acting like mirrors, the less they act as a prism: there is an inherent trade-off between brightness (and white 'sparkles') and fieriness (coloured flashes). Getting a balance of these is the trademark of a good cut - however what is a 'good' balance is very much a personal judgement; I (for example) prefer stones that are more fiery even if it means they are less bright; others prefer exactly the opposite.

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Uhm - if these were the only 2 diamonds in the universe, and I only had the information available on this thread, I'd pick the E/VS1.

In reality - not knowing anything about your budget, but assuming it to be ~€2,500 for the stone - there are better options than either, for my preferences/taste.

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A friend of mine is in the diamond business and he is bringing me a price of 1800 euros for a 18kwhite gold ring(custom made) + 10 0.01k diamonds on each side of the ring + the stone you chose. After doing some research I assumed this was a really good deal. ^^'

I'm very gratefull for your opinion and information!

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In your example of prisms and mirrors, brightness vs fire, is that directly related to the depth of the stone? Or is is not that simple? You said when comparing the 2 stones, the VG would show more fire. It is cut considerably deeper that the EX.



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It's not that simple, but it's not that complicated either.

Depth as such doesn't tell the story, but a stone with a higher crown and a narrower table will probably be more fiery (and probably less bright) than one with a shallower crown and a broader table. It will also tend to be deeper, in as much as the crown height is part of the depth - but "greater depth" alone could mean a steeper pavilion or a thicker girdle as well as a higher crown... neither of which does anything for fire (or brightness, for that matter).

This said, the crown angle has to work well with the pavilion angle so that light is reflected back to the observer's eye and not lost through the stone (very shallow pavilion) or at an angle rather than directly back (very steep pavilion), so again a bulky crown by itself is no guarantee of a fiery stone either.

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