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Help make sense of these diamond Analysis Reports please


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Following up from a previous post where I didn't provide much to go off, we now have some more information for a diamond provided by the jeweller.

Here's what they sent us:

Would anyone mind letting us know their thoughts?

Is this the right diamond for our e-ring or should we keep searching?

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Personally, based on the info provided, I'd keep looking. It seems a rather lifeless stone in the (poor quality) video, and the ASET is fairly horrible (or taken incorrectly) - though it appears to reproduce faithfully a pattern of contrast that I - again personally - find unpleasant.

This said, the general quality of the evidence/data is poor (bad photo, video, ASET, meaningless proportion "analysis"), and it is perfectly possible that 'in person' this is a rather nice diamond. Is there any way for you to see it in person - and ideally compare it to other options? Does the vendor have a good return policy that would enable you to see the stone via shipping, and reject/return with zero cost (or shipping cost only)?

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Honestly, I don't have much of a problem with it. They aren't great photos, but their better than usual. Evaluating a stone from a photo is highly problematic. Not that I find them all that useful, but I don't see the Firetrace or their analysis of the proportions at all. Just some measurements. 

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