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Advice on which Round Brilliant??


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Hi All,

I am currently in the process of selecting a round diamond for use in an engagement ring. I have been doing as much research as possible but completely new to picking out stones although enjoying the process nonetheless!

My criteria had been to get a stone around 0.9 -1carat, around VS2 clarity with the best possible cut and a budget around $5000 or so. I’ve been playing about with colour a bit and think I’ve settled on H upwards. 

I’d really appreciate any opinions/thoughts on either of these two which I have managed to pick out using my own research.








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Both seem to be very nice. If you like symmetry, the AGS-graded one is a bit more symmetrical in pattern. Obviously the GIA is going to be 'whiter', but I doubt you'd see that in isolation. If they are both fairly priced, it's a choice between a slightly better cut (and probably a bit less money) and the bragging rights of 'it's a D'. My money would be on the H, but nothing at all wrong with the other choice.

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The AGS one was the one I was swaying to also based on from what I can tell with my limited knowledge, a better cut. Like you have said, the D is nice but may be a bit overkill in terms of colour when it will be set in a solitaire ring.

Thanks very much for you response and reassurance!


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