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Bought a beautiful ring want clarity on the jewerlers report. It is considered a vvs2 with I-J or better clarity. It has a blue hue in strong sunlight.


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Not sure what your question is. If you are asking whether anyone can verify the stated colour and clarity from a photo, the answer is NO. I would beware of anyone making claims in this regard.

The thing that leaves me in doubt is that the seller (?) has stated a clarity grade of VVS2, but a split colour grade of I-J. This latter indicates to me that probably they haven't removed the stone from the setting (which is also probably why there is a fair amount of what looks like cleaning agent streaks/evaporation marks showing up in the photo!). How on Earth can they grade the stone 'VVS' without removing it from the setting and cleaning it very thoroughly is a question for them... I just know I wouldn't (and I wouldn't trust such claim if someone made it).

The 'blue hue' is likely to be due to fluorescence - although it may simply be the reflection of the blue sky in strong sunlight!

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Consider getting an appraisal by a qualified Independent Appraiser, meaning someone who doesn't work for the seller or someone who is competing against them. There are likely quite a few questions to answer. If that picture is all you have, you are missing quite a bit. 


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