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Need help identifying diamonds and or Carbonato (black diamond/rock)


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I recently accurate these rocks and I need to be sure to know what it is the only thing that looks similar to the rock it self is Carbonato it is completely full of micro crystal's and some in decent size. Colors the crystal are mostly white/gray/dark and some smaller yellow and always some crushed green up against the bigger ones. If you take a small stone in the light and turn it around it is completely full of crystal's.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

I have and can take more pictures if needed.




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There are plenty of micro-crystalline aggregates around. What makes you think that that is carbonado? It doesn't look like it, given the extreme abundance of gas bubbles/porosity. 

The yellow crystal seems large enough to be tested/identified relatively easily... and it may provide some clues, but in any case the only way an ID can be made is by taking the samples to a mineralogist/gemmologist/geologist. Working on the basis of photos is frankly an impossible task.

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