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Damaged packaging- could stones be damaged?


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I ordered some side stones and they came in a FedEx envelope meant for documents and it wasn’t even padded!!! 😩 Inside was another tiny envelope with some paper with the stones wrapped in. Even worse something obviously happened to the envelope because it is incredibly beaten up and there are holes in it as well as in the inner envelope and the paper in the shape of the stones. That means the stones were under pressure to create those holes. These are a little emerald cuts about 5 x 3 mm. The company has agreed to take them back and send me new ones. They seemed mortified that they were packaged up like that. My question is since diamonds are pretty tough do you think they could really have incurred any sort of internal damage by this? The company said they are probably fine if I can’t see anything obvious through a loupe and they also said thankfully they were not round. I can’t see anything through the loupe but I’m not an expert so I don’t fill mine clean without an exchange. I was just curious about what people in the trade thought. Attaching pictures of the envelopes. That last picture is the inside of the cardboard Fed ex envelope. It actually made holes through that also.







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Diamond is hard, but it isn't indestructible - especially around sharp edges such as girdles and keels (and culets or points). No, they should not have been packaged like that (and Fedex should not use customer packages to clean the floor of their vans), but if you could not see any damage through a loupe, I agree with the vendor: probably there wasn't any. They should have used a box (normal Fedex box), inside which is the envelope (and maybe a few bits of newspaper or other padding), inside which is the parcel paper. 

Thank goodness, given the damage to the packaging, the stones stayed IN rather than going AWOL, and the supplier is acting decently, partly - I'm sure - because 'your' stones will be checked and recycled with someone who doesn't know. Mind you, given they had a few hundreds of millions of years of existence since they crystallised in the mantle, I'm sure that the diamonds weren't particularly shocked by the events. Even compared to a cutting table, being crushed under a van-load of parcels is a walk in the park.

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Davide I forgot to mention they were labs so that last sentence you wrote doesn’t apply to these haha. But yes whenever I have bought jewelry or stones it’s usually double boxed and with padded envelope! I really am in disbelief that someone would just plop these in an envelope and send them in their way. It was also Canda- deep southern USA so not a short trip. 

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