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what one?


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hi i would love your help,

 recently there was recently a GREAT sale and i could not choose what ring i wanted so i ordered both online. however i need to return one of them. the issue is i saw them in person and i love them both. Can you please provide me with your honest opinion . they are both previously owned.

1st ring:

Tolkowsky diamond engagement ring

5/8 ct tw.

center stone 1/3 color I, clarity I1

round cut halo ring 14k white gold paid $ 1,169.00 for it


2nd ring:

Leo diamond engagement ring

3/4 ct tw

center stone 3/8, color I, clarity SI2

round cut halo 14k white gold paid $1,306.00



here is a picture of each ring, the leo does have a thicker band.





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Better pictures
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The real question is: Do you you like one better?

If so, keep the one you like best. If you like them totally equally, keep the cheapest one.

Unfortunately, there is no way to comment based on the information you have (even assuming that colour and clarity grading provided by the vendor are accurate, whether "1/3 ct." means 0.29 or 0.34 ct makes a rather large difference to a 'fair price', and the same goes for the quality and finish of the setting - those are CAD renderings, not photos).

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1 hour ago, Jaybee09 said:

I wasn't sure if tolkowsky was better than leo since it is such a big name in the industry.

That's just marketing. Tolkowsky has no monopoly on nicely cut diamonds, and there is nothing in the data you posted to suggest that either stone is well or badly cut...

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Sorry - the order between descriptions and photos switches, and I got confused with the clarity grades. The one that seems to have the highly visible inclusion remains the Leo - it is still common for an SI2 inclusion to be visible. This seems to be a large cloud (the grey smudge at the bottom of the stone), which may also affect the stone's liveliness.

This said, these are two pictures and you have the rings in hand - you may see something completely different.

If it doesn't bother you, and you like them equally, then keep the cheapest. The brand is not going to make any difference to what they look like, and it won't make any difference should you ever want to resell the ring, either.

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