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Private party diamond purchase?


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This is on Marketplace...I am very interested in purchasing it but don't want to be taken.

Should I have the seller meet at an appraiser of my choice, since I know nothing about buying a diamond.

The appraisal looks authentic..but when I questioned the seller about the metal discrepancy.. he couldn't answer why..

I've asked for the name and business if the appraiser...but so far have not heard back.





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56 minutes ago, Mel said:

The appraisal looks authentic

I"m not even sure what an authentic appraisal looks like but the short answer to your question is yes, you should have it looked at by an appraiser who is working for YOU, not the seller. You're betting $4000 on this. An appraisal is a process, not a document.  If the seller is local to you, that usually means the two of you show up together at the appraiser's office and wait while they work. I don't know the appraiser on that report but it doesn't really matter.  They are already opposing council.  I can't point you to anyone in Mesa but Phoenix is a big city and it shouldn't be that hard.  check out www.najaappraisers.com or www.appraisers.org for some options.   

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Why does it matter? For example, he called the center diamond an SI2-G, 1.01 round. Here's 1566 stones that meet those specs. Prices range from $1838 - $9816 from full-time discounty type jewelers. Every one of them is lab graded and every one gives more data than the one you have. 


Which one is the best comp?  

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4 hours ago, Mel said:

when I questioned the seller about the metal discrepancy.. he couldn't answer why..

It's perfectly possible that it is a typo by the appraiser; the title of the appraisal says 18kt... (and the vendor may not even have noticed the '14kt' until you brought it to his attention). In any case, the gold purity is inconsequential in terms of value: assuming that all 6 dwt in the appraisal report are gold, the difference in metal value between 14kt and 18kt is less than $100. As Neil pointed out you have a much, much bigger variability in the value of the centre stone.

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