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What discount is acceptable for jewelry?

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Acceptable to whom, and discount from what? I know stores that price things in a way that they can have 75% OFF sales fairly regularly.  They haven't sold anything at full price since they opened. Others won't discount a dime. Ever.  Personally, I prefer the later.  Just tell me what it costs. If I don't like the price, I won't buy it. Changing the price after that tells me that you were lying the first time. It was just a test to see if I was a sucker.  I am, but I don't like being called on it. 

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Another 'consumer' vote for transparency and low - if any - discounts. This said, there is also a question of what is customary in the market you serve. A good friend of mine deals a fair amount with Russian and Arab clients, and they 'expect' a minimum 20% bargaining space.

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We work for the American market, so it is the opinion of the Americans about the discounts that are interesting. One specialist told me that if the discount is more than 15 percent, then he always has a question about quality. It goes without saying that there are no discounts for unique jewelry.

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Sorry for digging up this slightly older post  but in retail there is a ton of psychology.  We don't inflate numbers in order to discount, but there are consumers who like to concept of getting a deal even if it isn't.  I had a customer a while back who did not purchase the stone from me, but found an equivalent stone (they could have been a matched pair) from a dealer who gave him a 40% discount on their asking price.  The discounted price was still 15% over our price but the customer felt the other retailer was more willing to "work with him" than I was.  Head scratcher?  Yes, but important to understand.

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More often than not, a 15% discount is common among buyers, and it suits everyone. However, it is worth mentioning that it all depends on the situation. In the case of a seasonal or themed sale 15% is the maximum discount, but if you still have a copy in one size, it is allowed to make a discount of 30 or 40% (depending on demand for the model presented).
I also buy wholesale gemstone jewelry 
https://www.smgl.org/ and own a small store on Instagram, so I have experience in this and you can trust me

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