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Need help picking between 3 diamonds!


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I have a hard time deciding between the three diamonds. The 1.51 carat meets all the “ideal cut” proportions but to me, I think both G 1.40 carats are brighter only slightly? I’m not sure. I think they all look similar though but the 1.51 carat looks a bit bigger and a little less brighter. I checked all diamonds in different various lighting areas. Could you guys tell me what you think? I would like to select the best looking and light performing diamond based of the specs. I am fine with all of the prices. 




G 1.40.png

G 1.51.png

G 1.40M.png

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Hi Liana, welcome to Diamond Review!

Your post seems to imply that you have been able to see the diamonds in person. If that's the case, go with what your eyes tell you; there is no replacement for personal observation.

On paper, the 1.51 looks marginally better, but only marginally (and arguably, with a steeper pavilion, it's not surprising that it looks a little less bright), and it certainly should look a little larger, but as I said your visual preference matters a lot more than what is on the report. I also expect it to be quite a bit more expensive, since it goes above 1.50 ct.

FWIW, on paper, my likely favourite of the 3 is the 1.40 with report number ending in 254.

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I would avoid the 1.40 ending in 657 because of the overall depth and steepness of the crown angles.  The two others are both extremely nicely proportioned.  Davide and I both like the high top small table look, but if money is not an issue, I would probably go with the 1.51.  It is a little deeper in the pavilion angle but the slightly shallower crown will compensate nicely.  Without seeing the actual stones we can only judge the maps and it looks like the 1.51 is a cleaner VS2.  It does show the inclusions under the table, but if they are white, they will be unobtrusive.  If they are black and reflect, that is an entirely different story.  The main point being that grading reports only allow you to evaluate up to a point.  Seeing the stones or at least good pictures/videos of the stones is critical to the decision.

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