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Should I buy this 1.41 ct. GIA/L/VVS1 oval cut?


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Hi everyone

I can't get this diamond (1.41, L/VVS1, L/W 1.34, 3900$) from a big London-based online reseller out of my head, yet I'm a bit unsure as I can only view it online.

Video: https://diamanti.s3.amazonaws.com/video/Vision360.html?d=201186-136

GIA report: https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=5212333117

I am explicitly looking for a stone in the colour K or L, faint brown. I particularly like these and it would be for a rose gold setting.

What is your opinion about this diamond? I have doubts that the fluorescence might be too strong. 

I look forward to your opinions.
Many thanks!

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Welcome to Diamond Review!

Unfortunately, there is not enough information available to give you much advice. The video doesn't demonstrate much, other than the stone is eye-clean (which is not a surprise with a VVS1), and the report - as normal for a non-round cut - contains no information on cut quality.

The effect of fluorescence on a brown-tinted stone can be surprising for good or ill - you really need to see it or at the very least to get the vendor to call it in and let you know what they think; just be careful that many of the vendors will rely on second or third hand information rather than calling the stone in and observing it in person.

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It is possible to an extent, however:

1. The person taking the photo/video needs to know what they are doing. Getting enough UV in the light to show the effect of fluorescence, but in such a way that the contrast between the stone and the environment is not too high and the colours are not distorted, is not an easy task for a photographer.

2. It is not a perfect replacement for in-person observation. Apart from the 'technical' limitations, the effect will vary depending on the amount of UV and visible light, and you may find that the video does not tell the full story. For example, you may find that any haze is only really there in full sunlight, and that it is not unpleasant to look at.

3. The effect on transparency (haze/smoke/oiliness) is not my primary concern. Yes, it happens, but it is rare and even in the rare cases when it happens, it is even more rarely horrible to look at. However, the colour mix can be interesting with a brown tinted stone. In some cases it goes almost purple; in others it comes across as muddy greenish/brownish. One is (to my eyes) really nice, the other... not!

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