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White Diamonds Unprocessed


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26 minutes ago, ConstantineAugustos said:

Are you fucking insane man ?

No, the one who is showing signs of insanity is the person who is posting photos of amorphous calcite (calcium carbonate), alleging that they are diamonds. This photo:


"Electrochemical analysis" means absolutely nothing without specifying what type of process you have followed (if any) and what results you have obtained. In any case since diamond is a crystalline form, not a chemical composition, any form of chemical analysis would be inadequate to determine that 'something' is diamond.

You can send samples of your pieces of stone to anyone, and they will all confirm that it is totally worthless, except as ballast or filler.

25 minutes ago, ConstantineAugustos said:

Shut the fuck up and let somone else write replies, i will teport to the administrator to get you banned

Please go ahead. I will just point out that:

1. I have simply asked you reasonable questions which any gemmologist would ask you in order to rule out the most likely false IDs. We regularly get cranks that discover 'diamonds' in the most unlikely forms and places. A lack of responses to those questions, together with the photo you posted, leads to the conclusion that those are not diamonds.

Your unmotivated aggression also leads to the reasonable supposition that you are well aware of that.

2. In no way my questions have prevented anyone else from posting. In fact, just as I am writing, you got another response.

3. The person who is behaving in a way that is likely to lead to a ban is you, not me.

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