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Seeking advice for selling jewelry


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You’ve asked several overlapping questions.  I make a living doing appraisals so feel free to take my words as biased but I think I know a fair amount of this general topic.

1)     Appraisals. Use a competent and trained appraiser. Some good places to look are:




That said, the biggest problem sellers tend to have with appraisals is that competent appraisals cost money and they are not, primarily, advertisements. I work with a lot of sellers and I don’t set their prices. What they want from me is independent confirmation of what it is and assistance in writing descriptions and taking pictures. The data in the appraisal is certainly part of the process of calculating prices but the strategy of getting an appraisal and selling for the value conclusion, or a fraction thereof, almost never works. Aiming for the cheapest person to write a report and then doing that is even worse.

2)     ‘Estate’. That covers a lot of ground. Most used jewelry is junk. On resale, it’s worth it’s weight in gold, if that. It’s like selling your car for its weight in steel.  There’s definitely a market for that, and gold is identical to money, but it’s not really what it sounds like you’re asking. The premium for cool stuff is much more difficult to capture. Finding a customer for some weird but interesting piece is difficult and there’s a skill to it. This is what jewelers do, and most of THEM suck at it. Anyone who does it for you is going to want to be paid, and some of them want to be paid quite a bit. Sotheby’s, for example, is terribly picky about what they’ll accept, and they ding about 40% of the proceeds plus an assortment of fees (like appraisals, shipping, photography, cataloging, and insurance).  For the right thing, even that makes sense but it may fall outside of what you’re thinking of as ‘honest’. Pawnshops, on the other hand, will generally bid on anything, bids are free, usually done on the spot, and you can take it or not. Is that what you mean by 'honest'? They’ll bid what they want and your appraisal report will have very little to do with it.  I know quite a few people who buy and sell jewelry for a profit. There *IS* money in it, and there is strong competition. People spend millions of dollars a year for decades or even centuries promoting themselves. Think of what Tiffany and Cartier have done to convince people that they're credible places to buy stuff. Can you beat ‘em?  Maybe, but it’s not as simple as a Craigslist or Facebook ad. 

Definitely read Davide’s thread above.  Lots of good advice in there.

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Virtual advertisement is the best solution for this. It gives you broad scope to resale your valuable items like Jewellery. Also you can take help of Facebook to post your add which is very trending these days. Also reddit or craiglist ad post will be beneficial.


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