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To your questions:

1) Definitely yes. Pretty much by definition, if people are not putting their stock up on a listing engine, then it doesn't appear. Case in point: "our" stock at Diamonds by Lauren. All of it advertised online, none is on a listing engine.

Bear in mind that there are different models of distribution within the diamond industry - multi-broker marketing where a manufacturer (cutter) or wholesaler owns the stone and lets multiple retailers advertise it to consumers is only one of the possibilities. Some retailers buy (some of) their stock outright, some retailers are vertically integrated (e.g. Tiffany), some have exclusive marketing agreements for certain stones, and many adopt a mix of all of these.

2) Maybe - and maybe not. Some things to bear in mind as you exercise your cynicism:

a. There is a huge variability in prices between similarly graded diamonds - even when advertised online. SI2 can go from completely eye-clean to a complete war-zone - but they are all graded SI2; cut and proportions can go from horrible to great. Plus other 'minor' factors - for example, 'F' colour goes from barely-not-E to just-not-G. None of that is on a lab report for an oval - and it is possible that the stone your jeweller has proposed is objectively better than all the seemingly equivalent ones marketed on listing engines.

b. A 'boutique shop' has a very different cost structure and value proposition from a drop-shipping website where nobody ever sees the diamond. Whether that value is enough for you to justify the extra expenditure is a different question, but the cost difference is real.

c. I haven't seen any of the stones being offered for sale, and certainly not the one that your jeweller is proposing. However, picking good ovals is not easy - absence of a (large) bow-tie is a factor, and no leakage is another, but that's not enough to make a good oval. Spready, shallow ovals (and that one is - though not extremely so) can have no bow-tie and no leakage, but still look fairly dull and unexciting - at least to me. Does this one? No idea - but it would probably help you if you could see a few other ovals before plunging into this one.

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