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Well cut diamond?


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As I am unable to compare it with other diamonds it looks good to me in real life. I like the fact that I cannot see the inclusion with my eyes and it's really hard to even see it with a 10x loupe. I am happy with the diamond given my limited experience with them (total newbie so take it with a grain of salt).

Do you have any recommendations on things I should check with the diamond in hand? I will try to put it under different lighting, but anything else I should be doing?



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1 hour ago, Juken said:

I will try to put it under different lighting, but anything else I should be doing?

In the main, no. Cut grades and all that are proxies for "what looks nice". If you have the stone loose, you may want to buy one of these: https://www.kassoy.com/Assorted-Supplies/Display-Ring-Stone-Holder-Gold.asp for easier handling.

If you want to get technical, you may want to read this GIA article - it's a bit dated, but it gives a good idea of the key attributes that GIA assessed when they developed their cut grading system:

https://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/fall-2004-grading-cut-quality-brilliant-diamond-moses (note: the "Download PDF" button doesn't work... it opens the .PDF file as a text file, so you see gobbledygook. You need to save that file as .txt then change the file type to .pdf and re-open it - however the whole article in HTML is readable directly from the page I linked above)

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