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Advice on D Colour Diamond for Engagement Ring


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Hi everyone,

I really need your advice on which diamond to pick for my engagement ring.

option 1- 1.15ct, D colour, VS2, excellent cut diamond 

option 2- 1.20 ct, D colour, SI1, excellent cut diamond 

My jeweller told me that I won't see a difference in size for the 1.20 vs. the 1.15 because the dimensions are pretty much the same but I want to pick the better diamond that will sparkle the most.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!




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If you can see them, and you can see them in the same shop, then any comment here is superfluous: buy the one you like best - especially if they are the same price or thereabouts.

FWIW, if it were my money and I had only the GIA reports to go by, assuming the SI1 is eye-clean, I'd bet on that one.

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Cut-wise - and sight unseen - I prefer this last one to the previous two; it's also going to look ever-so-slightly larger, and it is probably slightly cheaper.

However you are buying a diamond, not a lab report - if on seeing them you prefer one of the others (or indeed a fourth one!), go for that.

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