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OMC or oec for fire


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They are so variable in cut that it really is a "how long is a piece of string" question.

In theory, the circular symmetry of an OEC should make it brighter. In practice, a well cut OMC can be significantly brighter than a crap-cut™ OEC.

Still in theory, "sparkle" is to some extent a trade off with "fire" - the larger the (virtual) prisms you have in a stone, the more likely they is to cause diffraction aligned with your viewing angle, and thus a fiery flash of colour; however large prisms mean few large facets... which means less sparkle (scintillation - small facets returning essentially white light in a narrow angle). This is one of the reasons why "old cut" stones that are generally characterised by chunkier (esp. crown) facets look different from modern stones in the balance of fire vs. sparkle. Once again the theory can get thrown out of the window by any one particular stone that ends up looking "sparkly" because it was cut by a chap named John on a Wednesday afternoon with a rising moon.

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