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SOS find a perfect pair of stud earrings 2 carats each


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Hi experts;

I am looking to purchase a pair of round brilliant stud earrings.  I want to get the best cut.  I want the pair to be so beautiful and sparkle even they are hiding behind my hair.  The local jewellers quoted me 

The 1st pair - does not provide Aset scope or VDO

total price is $85,400

Diamond 1 GIA# 7368338828 HCA0.6 (provided by the store)

weight 2.30

measurement 8.42-8.48-5.19

color F

clarity VS1

3 Ex

fluorescence none 

Diamond 2 GIA#5181193585 HCA 1.6

weight 2.35

measurement 8.53 - 8.56 - 5.29

color F

Clarity VS1

3 EX

no fluorescence 

The 2nd pair is quoted by Jaanpual, Singapore.  They claim the stones will be very beautiful with the most ideal cut in G color VS2 about 2.35 carats each.  3 ex.  I need to pre-order then they will cut the diamond for me in Belgium.  The waiting time is 3 months. Sorry, I can't provide much detail for this one.  


Please critic for me please.

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As I recall, Singapore has some significant import taxes that may come into play here and will affect your local jeweler. You can use the diamond finder above to get quite a few comparable offers from the US but if your local jeweler is paying an import tax, you'll have to pay it too.  If you can figure out what the tax is, it should be simple math to figure out your landed cost. 

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@denvarappraiser - thank you for your reply. It’s valuable.  I do aware I have to pay higher price in this part of the world. Therefore, I want to make sure I don’t over pay for poor quality. There is no return policy. Once I import the stones in, and I don’t like it. They will forfeit 20% deposit.  😔

what do you think about the 1st pair?  

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