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This is a good diamond?

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HI there,

Need your advice if this is a good diamond, i just brought this this morning.

and noticed there is a line ? right on the bottom. would that be an issue.  thanks.



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That depends on your definition of "good". In terms of "conventional wisdom" about diamonds it's about as colourless, free of inclusions and flawlessly cut as they come when observed with the naked eye - or even under a loupe. Good? I dunno. I can find a bigger, cheaper one with ease. 😉

The line? Who knows. It may be an artefact by the camera/processing, it may be a little streak of cleaning agent or a speck of dirt that got smeared, it may be something reflected from the girdle inscription or one of the inclusions or whatever it is that supported the diamond when the picture was taken; Brian Gavin is a sort of wizard, but as far as I know he doesn't have a spell to nullify gravity.

The image that you have posted is magnified approximately 25 times from life size... which is way above what would be visible through a grading loupe (which is nominally 10x), so it might even be an inclusion or a minute polish imperfection that has not been spotted by AGS.

If you really are worried about it, ask the vendor. If you are concerned that you cannot trust the vendor, hire your own expert - an appraisal of a stone by a top-qualified independent appraiser is not much ($100-150) and it is useful for way more things than peace of mind over any "strange" inclusions.

Dealing with this level of detail requires to have the stone in hand; all of the above are reasonable guesses, and I have tried to list them from most to least likely, but guesses they remain. Whatever it is, I doubt it is something concerning.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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